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After School Course

Kindergarten class


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Lessons all in English including art and other fun activities!

After School Course

About our course

We have started our new program welcoming kids from kindergarten and elementary school.

This program is more advanced than our regular childcare. The kids can experience a higher quality of English art activities.

Coming to this program constantly will develop your child's expressions and creativity.​


​●Age: Kindergarten to Elementary school students

Open days: Monday to Friday(can attend from 1 day up to 5 days a week)

​●Time: <Kindergarten class> 3:15 PM 〜 4:45 PM(time can be extended)

      <Elementary class1> 4:00 PM 〜 6:00 PM

      <Elementary class2> 4:15 PM 〜 6:15 PM

Content: English lessons, Art activities and etc.

Fee: refer to the chart below

●One day: 

<Kinder>¥ 13,200 <Elementary>¥15,720

●2 days: 

<Kinder>¥ 24,500 <Elementary>¥29,210

●3 days:

<Kinder>¥ 33,930 <Elementary>¥40,440

●4 days: 

<Kinder>¥ 41,480 <Elementary>¥49,44

●5 days: 

<Kinder>¥ 47,130 <Elementary>¥56,19

After School Course